For infant and child gastric reflux support in New Zealand:

Phone/Text 022 585 5935

Phone 0800 380 517

Contact GRSNNZ via email form

Join Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ for Parents of Infants and Children Charitable Trust for access to our Newsletters and Private Local and National Support Networks.

Membership is free, and this gives you opportunities to discuss gastric reflux related issues with others in a safe and confidential setting.


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GRSNNZ has brochures available which explain what Gastric Reflux is, a few simple tricks, the support GRSNNZ offers and our contact details.  If you are Health Provider or other Service that sees families coping with Gastric Reflux, please use the contact form to request these (free).

 There is a new website available to support parents coping with infants who spill and/or are irritable. 

Please visit SPILT MILK

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