Mindful Parenting

Simone Degiorgio, Director of Maternal Journey, originally recorded and shared these videos with the Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ for National Infant and Child Gastric Reflux Awareness Week 2020 where our theme was “Connections”.

They fit well with our theme of Whānau Mental Wellbeing in 2022.

In Mindful Parenting Part 1: Simone Degiorgio, Director of Maternal Journey, helps us to define for ourselves: Where are my challenges? and What are the issues I face? on my parenting journey.

Now that you have identified what your challenges are Simone will help you understand control and the art of letting go while teaching you the skills to bring yourself into the moment and slow your mind.

In Simones final video she talks to us about creating anchors for ourselves which allow us to then remain grounded in the sea of our emotions.