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Managing Uncomplicated Reflux

– Flowchart

Babies with uncomplicated reflux are often described as “happy chuckers”. These babies vomit or spill frequently, but are otherwise completely happy, sleep well, gain weight and have no other obvious reflux complications.

Managing GORD

– Flowchart

Babies with GORD may rarely vomit or spill, but their feed will come part way up their oesophagus and then go back down again. This may cause pain.

Please note: Not all cases of GORD will need medical treatment. It is usually best to use general management techniques and trial dietary measures first.  The order in which medications are trialled may differ as each child’s family history, gastric reflux symptoms or combination of symptoms may differ, and indicate the need to quicken the process of getting symptoms under control (e.g. failure to thrive).


– Explanation of Gastro-oesophageal Reflux and overview of the medications that may be prescribed for the treatment of infant gastric reflux.

Medication Information Sheets

– These are Parent Medication Information Sheets (in PDF format) for various reflux medications. They do not include dosages.

Drug-Nutrient Interactions

– Do “reflux” medications interfere with food absorption and/or do foods decrease/increase medication uptake?


– Information about surgery for reflux from various sources.

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