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“His gastric reflux stopped…”

Hi Roslyn,

Thanks for the updates over the past several months.  I am leaving the group as my little boy no longer suffers from gastric reflux and is also no longer dairy intolerant!

FYI he was on Neocate from 3 months old and had a combination of formula and my milk until he was 7.5 months.  I also went dairy free.

We were going through a dozen bibs a day, multiple clothes changes and masses of washing – including my own clothes.  It was impossible to know whether the gastric reflux was a result of being dairy intolerant, but very interestingly the gastric reflux did continue for a long time after we’d taken him off dairy, and I was dairy free and breast feeding him.

His gastric reflux stopped when he was able to sit up alone at approximately 8 months. From this observation I would agree with Plunket that he probably was a ‘happy chucker‘ and his little system did just need to strengthen to be able to stop the gastric reflux i.e. by the time he was strong enough to sit alone, it must have also been a lot more mature and keeping milk down.

We waited until he was 12 months old before we gradually introduced dairy – under the paediatrician’s instruction and the results have been great.

Very happy, strong little boy who is now nearly 15 months!
Very happy, strong little boy who is now nearly 15 months!

I just thought other members might be interested!

Many thanks,


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