Please note that this website and associated social media are of a non-medical nature.  If your child has a diagnosis of gastric reflux, or is being treated for this or an associated condition, please visit and consider joining the Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ instead of Spilt Milk.  
You need to take your baby to a doctor for a proper diagnosis if you think they may have gastric reflux and it is a problem.
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A CONFIDENTIALITY agreement with all parents/members/coffee/support group conveners/committee, staff and support agencies is needed. Please find below our agreement of Confidentiality for you to read and agree to. This agreement will protect all parties when sharing personal details with GRSNNZ and associated services. This agreement is necessary for participation in the forums. AGREEMENT: Members, Support Parents, GRSNNZ, committee members & Associates will treat the families they support with dignity, honesty and will respect their values, feelings, beliefs and right to privacy. All information and communication will be held confidential within GRSNNZ and associated services. All information about the family is protected. Support parents do not discuss or disclose any information about the child or the family to anyone except to their GRSNNZ, Spilt Milk, Coordinator or Manager, unless there has been written permission from parents prior. Members who are privilege to GRSNNZ or Spilt Milk management information and processes will respect the sensitive nature of this information and agree not to share confidential material with other organisations including all documents with copy right. You may at anytime access and correct your information. Privacy Act. 1994. Using provisions within the Privacy Act, any unlawful act can be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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