Managing GORD

 Managing Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD)

This page was previously called “Managing Silent Reflux”.  Silent Reflux is a term that we are no longer using – Laryngopharyngeal Reflux is the correct term.  The stomach contents go up the oesophagus and into the throat, but are not consistently vomited or spilt.  It may or may not cause concerning symptoms which is why this page has been renamed.

GORD occurs when stomach acids are “refluxed” into the oesophagus/throat and cause inflammation and discomfort/pain, or other complications such as feeding or breathing problems.  There may or may not be spilling or vomiting.

Roslyn Ballantyne (RN), National Coordinator 2013 – 2020, Gastric Reflux Support Network New Zealand for Parents of Infants and Children Charitable Trust (GRSNNZ) December 2013.  Updated January 2020.


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General Management Techniques


If you haven’t already, you need to take your baby to a doctor for a proper diagnosis if you think they may have gastric reflux and it is a problem.

The doctor may or may not prescribe medication.

In most areas of NZ, children will only be seen by publicly funded paediatricians for GORD if there are severe concerns about their health or growth. For this reason, you may need to pay to see a private paediatrician if your baby/child requires treatment outside of your GP’s area of expertise.

If GORD is severe, complicated or ongoing investigations may be required:

Investigations can help guide treatment including the need for surgery if GORD is complicated or severe:

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