Preventing food allergy

The following is an excerpt from our September 2016 Newsletter article “Solids”.

Another argument that is raging at the moment is that of when to introduce allergens. Old advice was to wait up till a year, especially if there was a family history of allergy to particular foods. New research suggests introducing known allergens as early as four months, with having been exposed to all types by eight months[iv] (note honey should be excluded till 12 months). Readiness for solids still needs to be considered and the Ministry advises the introduction of solids at six months and not before four months.[v] However, we can take from this that trialling a wider variety of foods before 12 months could have great long-term benefit. If you suspect you child has or is at risk of reaction then the best advice I have come across is introduce a new food every three days or so (and talk to your doctor) and lunchtime is usually the least stressful and safest time of day.

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[iv] no longer available June 2019) ,