parenting reflux babies really is a massive task

I stumbled over your website when I was researching dairy intolerance (which I have). I’m really glad this site exists today to help parents of reflux babies. My first baby was a reflux baby – although that was 17 years ago (she just started university) I remember how tough it was. It’s worse when they’re your first baby – because you have no idea what you are doing. What i remember most is eating a positively refugee diet to try and eliminate certain foods, having to raise her cot on telephone books at one end, and taking turns through the night with my husband and I sleeping propped up on pillows with her resting on our chests – which was the only way she would sleep. Reading some of these stories makes me realise that we really did do everything we could and that parenting reflux babies really is a massive task that few understand unless they have experienced it. We totally hung out until we could put her on solids because we knew this would help – and it did. Heads up to everyone out there slogging it because it does improve. Our beautiful 17 year old is living proof:)

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