New baby on the way … taking probiotics ….

Well I thought I would update you all on our baby.  She was born on 24th August, the day before her due date and on my birthday.  I was taking 3 x 2 caps of Probiotics per day in the last month of pregnancy which can seem excessive, but as I can’t overdose on them and I only get one chance, I thought I would go for it.  If anything, it was helping me to have almost no heartburn.  On the days that I reduced the dose too much or ran out altogether, the heartburn came back.  Such as the day, she was born when I had heartburn so bad I vomited throughout my birth.

She came out the regular way, not fun, but at least she may have covered herself in all that good bacteria she needs.  She spilled from day one and I kept her upright for at least 15 minutes after every feed, tilted her bed,  burped her between feeding her the other side and thoroughly.  I watched her like a hawk.  Every day I thought I saw something; too much spit up, a funny cry, but each time I went back to my guide which is: Is she sleeping?  Does she sound like she is being stabbed when she cries?  Is she bringing her knees up when she cries?  Does she scream while feeding or straight after?  Does she want to feed all the time, and then scream?

Each day she passed the test.  At five days old, she slept eight hours.  She went down in her bassinet without a dummy with the minimum of fuss.  I continued on the large amounts of Probiotics I was taking for a month then stated reducing them.

She is eight weeks old this Sunday and I am off the probiotics.  I thought about putting her on baby Probiotics but have yet to do so.  She sleeps 6-8+ hours almost every night and sleeps happily during the day.  She loves her milk and is a very easy smiley baby.  She is only uncomfortable when she has wind and makes super large burps.  She still spills so I still hold her up after every feed.

I catch myself calling her, her brother’s name when she is irritable.  I still automatically think to go get the medicine when I am preparing dinner, and I hear her wake up and cry.  I haven’t yet thrown out the Infant Gaviscon etc. left over from my son.  I have only had one night that I wanted to scream at her like I did with my other refluxers, but she eventually went to sleep.

I am finally hopeful though, whereas before I was wary.

I don’t know if the probiotics worked or if she would have been fine regardless.  Her chances of not getting Reflux were increased by being a female also.

I hope that anyone else out there having a baby can add to the information if they are taking probiotics.  I know that a study is being done around reflux and probiotics at Victoria University at the moment, but I didn’t want to get the placebo.  Maybe we can find a way to prevent this from happening to children and families.

Good luck everyone out there.  Keep it up; you are doing a fantastic job!

12 year old son – No reflux!
7 year old son – Reflux, out grew at 12 months! Yay!
5 Year old son – Reflux til his 4th Birthday, then grew out of it suddenly.  Amazing relief.
3 month old Daughter – No reflux at all!! Go Probiotics!!!

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Published November 2014.

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