‪#‎NationalInfantandChildGastricRefluxAwarenessWeek 2015‬ Story 4

My first child was a dream, eat sleep play.

My second baby was a nightmare! Screaming the moment he was born. Sleeping upright on my chest for ten weeks!

We couldn’t find an answer, losing our minds! Five doctors later, high doses of medication for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and specialised formula we had a baby we could cope with, only just.

He spilled until one and a half, was on formula and medication until three years and is now a beautiful amazing boy at 8 years.

It was worth every minute of personal pain and we risked it again by having son number 3 who was a dream like the first.

Keep your head high, things will be okay, struggle through but never give up!! Your baby will grow into a beautiful human being.

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