#‎NationalInfantandChildGastricRefluxAwarenessWeek 2015‬ Story 2

Daughter number 3 was born in 2000, weighed 8lb, 6oz and fed well, but we escaped the maternity home earlier than with number 2 as she just wouldn’t settle at night easily.

At eight days old, my husband found her grey and limp, but breathing. She went on to have prolonged apnoeas (cessation of breathing), but to cut a long story short, although they confirmed severe gastro-oesophageal reflux on barium swallow (http…:// during this hospital admission and started treatment for it, her apnoeas were not thought to be caused by it. The apnoeas settled with antibiotics five days later.

Because of her apnoeas, the diagnosis of gastro-oesophageal reflux was made early and treated aggressively. Once she started recovering from her apnoeas, she became distressed with the pain of gastric reflux, however, and it wasn’t until I tried a dairy free diet whilst breastfeeding that we gained any sort of control of her symptoms. It was like magic! She required a combination of medication AND a dairy free diet to control her GORD.

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