National Infant and Child Gastric Reflux Awareness Week 2018 – Please Share

National Infant and Child Gastric Reflux Awareness Week 31st May to 6th June

The Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ promotes National Infant and Child Gastric Reflux Awareness Week each year from 31st May to 6th June.

We recognise that Gastric Reflux in Infants is considered common and normal due to immaturity of the sphincter at the top of the stomach.  Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) is relatively rare and occurs when Gastric Reflux causes some sort of complication usually including pain.

However, Gastric Reflux in any form can be a significant stress for parents and this year our Awareness Week theme is “Parents“.

As we approach this week, and especially during the week, we will be looking for people willing to share ideas and stories around being parents of infants and children with gastric reflux, so that other parents can benefit from these experiences.  To add to the fun there will be spot prizes.

Tautoko, Matauranga me te Whakamana i te whānau me ngā tamariki
Support, Education and Empowerment for families and their children

 Please see the guidelines for promoting Awareness Week:


Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ for Parents of Infants and Children Charitable Trust

Local/Regional and National Support Network groups are available, and are private to ensure privacy and confidentiality. 

Within the Local Support Networks, members can arrange to meet one-on-one, have group meetings or make contact with each other by phone or email.  Local Support Networks are a great place to share experiences of living with reflux with others who understand.
Private Facebook Groups are available for each region.

NATIONAL SUPPORT NETWORKS – Private/Secret Facebook Groups
National Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ”
Laryngomalacia GRSNNZ Support Network”
Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders GRSNNZ Support Network” – EoE
Feed GRSNNZ Support Network” – for those living with feeding difficulties, failure to thrive or tube feeding.

Roslyn Ballantyne
National Coordinator         
Phone/Text 022 585 5935
Phone: 0800 380 517

GRSNNZ has a Facebook page that is available to everyone.

These can be viewed and printed from our website,

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