Kees’s Story

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Kees was born with the cord around his neck and I was in hospital for about a week due to a haemorrhage, so it was a pretty traumatic time for all of us. I then came down with postnatal depression again, but this time I knew what was happening and got on to my medication fast. (I have just finished it after nine months and so far so good).

Kees started showing signs of reflux. He wasn’t quite as bad asHannah&Kees Hannah first was, but something was definitely wrong. He started to refuse to drink off me at three months just as his sister had done when she was that age. The paediatrician put Kees on Zantac. A naturopath suggested that Kees go to a Craniosacral Therapist, and he had about five sessions of massage and stretches. It helped I think in the short term but not the long term. Kees was a little better on the medications but not that flash so he was put on Losec also; 5mg for a start and then 10mg.

Kees has a milk protein allergy and I dare say he has the gluten thing as well as his sister. I suspect he now has built up an allergy to his goat’s milk formula as he is very unsettled again. Hannah did so well on it but I have recently read that goat’s milk has the same sort of protein in it as cow’s milk and is not recommended for a child with cow’s milk allergy.

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