Day 4 #NationalInfantandChildGastricRefluxAwarenessWeek 2017 – Support

Competition run from 3rd to 6th June 2017 to win one of our cups.

Members were asked to: Share a picture or moment of your support person (significant other/grandparent/friend/family member) who has been on this journey with you and your child.

  • Unfortunately my biggest support can’t have photos put on social but I love them anyway 💕
  • This is my husband and our kids. Before this photo our youngest had been crying non stop for hours. So hubby bundled us into the car and took us for a walk at the beach.
    Sometimes a change in environment can help not only your reflux child but also the parents and caregivers state too.

    • My biggest support is my husband. This is us trying to keep our little girl happy after she had a PEG inserted due to reflux being so severe that she wouldnt eat (reflux sucks!) He has been so amazing (dispite wanting to faint at even a conversation about anything medical 😂) and has adjusted amazingly to having a tubey baby. Very proud of him!
  • This is my husband who can always tell when I am being stretched too thin and steps up and looks after both of us. Anything from running us a bath to singing the pink panther tune on repeat for ages as it calms our son.
  • A lot of people have bad experiences with their health professionals but I always found my GPs, emergency drs and specialists to be kind and caring, and listen to me even when pressed for time. A little bit of support and encouragement and empathy goes a long way when you have a sick child and you’re stressed out. I have always felt so well looked after by the health professionals!


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