Day 3 #NationalInfantandChildGastricRefluxAwarenessWeek 2017 – Unhelpful suggestions/advice

Competition run from 2nd to 5th June 2017 to win one of our cups.

Members were asked to: Share the most unhelpful suggestion or piece of advice you were given about your infant/child with gastric reflux or associated condition.

  • To formula feed because my breast-milk was upsetting their tummy. 🙄
  • I had a Plunket nurse tell me that my daughter had such bad reflux because I had hyperemesis – as if I didn’t feel guilty enough.
  • One person told me if I just fed her cold boiled water when she cried then she would stop waking during the night. (She was 4 weeks old at this point, and had been in hospital for choking from reflux.) Also that instead of breastfeeding I should give her straight cows milk with formula in it because that’s how she did it💔 and most unhelpful suggestion was “reflux isn’t even real.  It wasn’t around when my babies were little.  It is made up to make an excuse for bad behaved babies who need to learn.
  • “Just feed him (breastfeed) like a mother should”. Hmm would if he would suckle. Severe oral aversion due to misdiagnosed reflux – thank you Mr GP.
  • “You just need to get some sleep to feel better and let him grow out of it”… Thanks GP who clearly has never had a baby, let alone one with reflux.


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