Day 1 #NationalInfantandChildGastricRefluxAwarenessWeek 2017 – Looking after yourself…

Competition run from 31st May to 3rd June 2017 to win one of our cups.

Members were asked: Post the way you have looked after yourself whilst surviving infant/child gastric reflux.

  • I would get my husband to take the baby when he woke in the morning so I could get a few extra minutes of sleep before getting up for the day.
  • My first, I’m really not sure how I survived?! My second, an electric swing was our best friend, worked well for her, also had a much more helpful partner to take turns pacing the house.
  • I nap when ever I can. Screw the house work or jobs. Sleep is more important.
    Ive also had a few massages which help heaps when im so tired that I get angry easily.
    Also meal prep in advance for my lunches and snacks. It means i can just pull good food out easily while comforting my screaming child.
  • A cleaner, 2 hrs a fortnight makes such an amazing difference! Sitting in a clean house rocking a baby is so much nicer, and worth the investment for us 
  •  I decided it was completely fine that I stopped cleaning the house while we were struggling with this 
  • I’m loving the suggestions. It is 16 years since my girl with Gastric Reflux was a baby so how I coped is a bit of a blur. I had fantastic neighbours who would help out or visit. They were the third set of “grandparents”.
  • My first was attached to me her entire first year so not a lot of relaxing there! My second we bought a natures sway hammock which enabled me to put him down, Amazing! Plus having mother in law come and look after number one for a day, priceless 
  • I bought a nature sway hammock  So I could sit down with a coffee once in a while.
  • I had a gorgeous teenage girl who would come in three afternoons a week to help look after my older two, or she did errands for me, or I got a nap in.


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