Complementary Therapies

If you are unsure about using a product don’t use it until you have checked its safety with a reliable source.

Please do not change or stop any treatment recommended by your paediatrician or doctor without consulting them first.
Herbal and natural remedies for digestion, calming, breast-milk supply, depression etc., can be very effective in some cases, but a possible interaction with mainstream medications is often overlooked and can be harmful. Effectiveness of medications can be reduced or enhanced with unpredictable consequences.
Please ensure all medications, natural or mainstream are prescribed/recommended/approved by a registered practitioner and administered using prescribed instructions. When discussing yours or your infant’s needs with your practitioner please ensure to mention all other treatments already being used.
Please note that GRSNNZ does not provide advice on dosages of complementary or conventional medications.
A selection of natural, complementary and alternative therapies, and homeopathic products, information and links are provided below.  This is not a complete list of products.

Crying Over Spilt Milk/GRSNNZ take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on these sites and receives no payment for providing this information. Please let us know if you have concerns about the information. 

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