#‎NationalInfantandChildGastricRefluxAwarenessWeek 2015‬ Story 5

I just looked back and re-read the archived version of daughter number 3’s story. This is the edited version of the end of it which might be useful for those dealing with Child Gastric Reflux

At the time of writing this, she was almost four years. She was almost seven before she hadgemma31 her Nissen Fundoplication surgery so it was not something we rushed into.

“We have just reduced and stopped her medication to determine if she still really needs it, and she may be referred for a surgical opinion if reflux continues to be a problem. She does seem to still have reflux though, and we wonder how long she will be able to stay off medication.

Some of the ways she describes what she feels are: “my tummy is hot”, “my tummy has sick in it” and “my tummy feels sore”, “sick” or “unwell” as well as the obvious sounds of refluxing occurring and sore throats.

I have never been happy about the thought of surgery to cure her reflux, but over the last few months and with all the research and reading of other’s stories (both negative and positive) I at last feel peaceful about this possibility. Whatever happens now we know that reflux is likely to continue be part of her life, but that as she gets older she will be able to tell us more clearly what is happening.”

Written by Roz, Regional Coordinator for © Gastric Reflux Support Network New Zealand 25/01/2004.

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