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My first child definitely had very few, if no signs of gastric reflux. I can’t even remember her spilling much – mind you, she is 22 years old.

Three years later we had another daughter, born 13 days late, who decided she should then enter the world in a rush. She became unsettled at about two weeks old when I was given antibiotics and there are lots of notes about her spilling in her Plunket Book.

From six weeks, she slept through the night for 12 hours at a time – but getting her to sleep was a challenge. She never went to sleep, unless she screamed for half an hour first. But, hey we went with the flow. She wasn’t our first baby and she slept for a long time at night so we could cope with a bit of crying during the day. Getting five to six breastfeeds into a 12 hour period was a bit of a challenge with a half hour cry to sleep! I was apparently always breastfeeding.

Thankfully once she started rolling, the spilling did decrease so I didn’t need to follow her around like I was expecting with a bucket and cloth!

At her 10 month Plunket Check, she had gained 100 grams exactly in two months. We did manage to improve her weight gain after this.

In hindsight DD2 had gastric reflux. I’m not sure if it caused her pain, or if it was just discomfort from spilling that made her cry or her temperament. She was not a baby that you could feed to sleep and even as a toddler if she had an ear infection, she would push you away rather than ask for a cuddle. She remained quite a slim child throughout childhood.

I don’t think she ever needed medication for gastric reflux as an infant, but could have been managed better by her parents (us) if we had been aware.

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