Drug-Nutrient Interactions

OMEPRAZOLE Also indexed as: Losec®, Prilosec®

Interactions with Nutritional Supplements

Folic acid Folic acid is needed by the body to utilize vitamin B12. Antacids, including Omeprazole, inhibit folic acid absorption. Those taking antacids are advised to supplement with folic acid.

Vitamin B12 Omeprazole interferes with the absorption of vitamin B12 from food (though not from supplements) in some studies. The fall in vitamin B12 status may result from the decrease in stomach acid required for vitamin B12 absorption from food, caused by the drug. However, all those taking Omeprazole need to either supplement with vitamin B12 or have their vitamin B12 status checked.

Ranitidine Also indexed as: Zantac®

Interactions with Nutritional Supplements

Folic acid Folic acid is needed by the body to utilize vitamin B12. Antacids, including ranitidine, inhibit folic acid absorption. Those taking antacids are advised to supplement with folic acid.

Iron Stomach acid may facilitate iron absorption. Ranitidine reduces stomach acid and is associated with decreased dietary iron absorption. Iron levels in the blood should be checked with lab tests.

Magnesium In healthy volunteers, a magnesium antacid, taken with ranitidine, decreased ranitidine absorption by 20%–25%. This interaction can be avoided by taking ranitidine two hours before or after any magnesium-containing antacids, including magnesium in vitamin/mineral supplements.

Vitamin B12 Stomach acid is needed to release vitamin B12 from food so it can be absorbed by the body. Ranitidine reduces stomach acid and is associated with decreased dietary vitamin B12 absorption. The vitamin B12 found in supplements is available to the body without the need for stomach acid. Lab tests can determine vitamin B12 levels.

Interactions with Other Compounds

Tobacco (Nicotiana species) A study of 18 healthy people found smoking decreased the acid blocking effects of Ranitidine.

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  • Has anyones bub had a fundoplication surgery? My almost 9 month old is having one as is failing to thrive and no meds or anything helping. Also what are the best solids for her with her oesaphagitis? Thanks

  • hi i have a little girl that will be 4 weeks old on thursday. we have been having abit of trouble with her spilling/bringing up with some of her feeds this can be between 10ml and what seems like a whole feed i am breastfeeding but due to not producing enough i need to top her up with either EBM/doner milk or formula i am currently using nurture gold 1 in her bottles. when bottle feeding i have her more upright almost in a sitting position then let her chill to let milk settle before burping but yet the milk still tends to come up normally she will gag before hand. is there any type of formula that could help or just thinkening agents to put in the formula or would anything like gripewater or inficol to help bring the wind to the top on her tummy to keep the milk down? any advice would be great. thanks in advance.

  • hi my little girl is going to be 4 week old on thursday and we are having trouble with her spilling/bringing up at possibly half of her feed times this can be between 10ml to what seems like a full feed. i am breast feeding but due to not producing enough i am topping her up with either EBM/doner milk or formula i am currently using nurture gold 1 (since thats all my local dairy had at the time. during bottle feeds i have her almost sitting right up then let her chill in that same position for at least a minute then burp for maybe good 5 minutes but still she tends to bring it up normally she will gag then up comes the milk. she is not really bothered by it at all. is there any cant of thicker formula that i can swtich to or are the thickeners thatyou put in the only option? would something like gripewater or inficol work to help get the wind threw the milk so the milk stays down? any advise would be great. thanks in advance. 🙂

  • What you speak often becomes the truth for those who hear, including your self-talk. Be kind to yourself too. Big hugs to everyone out there who are coping with infant and child Gastric Reflux and associated conditions. You are loving caring parents to your wonderful strong children.

  • Thinking of everyone affected by the recent earthquakes. It certainly gave us a good shake here, but we have no damage. Here is a good article published by Treasures.

  • Had peadetrician appt this morning. End result being a formal diagnosis of severe reflux and an another appointment in a week or so with ENT specialist to check his nasal passage and osephagus. Need to use both gavisone and losec. Bad sleep during day is probably due to reflux. But he is also flat lining in his weight gain, so need weekly weigh ins and have a minimum amount to try and get into him, but he's starting to refuse feeds so its getting more difficult. At the end of the appointment she said we're doing all we can and that she wishes there was something she could do to make it better but it's not likely to get better anytime soon. I burst into tears at that

  • Hi just wanting more info!!my daughter is 3 months old and only 4 weeks ago had a virus, which seem to being on reflux. The pediatrician then after going back twice decide that she has slient reflux, they were not helpful just told me to give her gavison, but that made her very constipated . So went back to gp and got losec, which I am very unsure about giving it to her. She seems to have a few good days then bad , tensing up so bad and not sleeping, is that normal?? Also can losec upset her tummy more , can i give it to her with pear at her age?? Im just giving to her by puting them in her mouth in the afternoon. Need help one unsettled baby girl 😫

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  • Just a question to those mums and dads with infants who suffer with Apnea. When did your little one grow out of apnea episodes? My little one is 6 months and had one on Friday. It's really scaring me and the paediatrician at the hospital said he would grow out of them but Ive got no idea when this is meant to happen. I know every child is different Im just finding it really hard to cope with the anxiety of when it could happen next. Thanks in advance.

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  • Another good article. It talks about tantrums as well and says this: "Young children are still learning how to communicate, and their language abilities aren’t very sophisticated yet." That makes sense as to why our toddlers with ongoing pain from reflux can have tantrums in response to pain. They either don't have the ability to communicate what they are feeling or maybe are so overwhelmed that they can't communicate it. Does anyone else relate to this? PS: I love this picture I found. http://childmind.org/article/how-discipline-toddlers/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=childmind&utm_content=4+-+How+to+Discipline+Toddlers&utm_campaign=Weekly+092716&source=Weekly+092716

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  • I like the message from Emily at the end to other mothers "Dear mother, You are brave. You are strong. It is a sign of your love for your children and your partner that you’re getting help so that you can be the best mother you can be. It will be OK."

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  • Hoping I have a straight forward question, how do you get stains out of your (and your baby's) clothes. I find I can get milk stains out but when my DD spits up pure stomach acid I'm finding I can't get the smell or stains out. Does anyone have any good tips?

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