Unsettled Baby – Ideas from Parents

Have you tried …

  • A battery operated cot rocker or mobile baby hammock?

  • A bouncinette or front pack/backpack?

  • If sleeping baby at a 30-degree angle in bed, a safe-t-sleep or nappy used as a sling may be helpful to hold baby in position and prevent from sliding down the bed?

  • Baby may also sleep longer if left to sleep as far away from household members/noises as possible. It may even be necessary to pull the curtains and shut the door! If you need to try this, a mobile baby monitor may be a good investment so that you can still hear baby.

  • Rocking baby in his/her pram over a bump? (The metal ridge that goes between rooms that have carpet and vinyl is ideal.)

  • Breastfeeding mums may like to try drinking fennel tea, which could have a calming effect on baby.

  • Other breastfeeding mums find that their baby’s symptoms improve if they avoid eating certain foods (citrus fruit, chocolate, coffee/tea etc.), or dairy products.

  • Bottle feeding mums may find that an alternative formula e.g. Hypoallergenic, Goats milk or Soya based may help – see GORD document for guidelines.

  • Bland foods only when introducing solids?

  • A dummy/pacifier?

  • Using disposable nappies?

  • A rocking chair?

  • Some mothers have found a variety of homeopathic remedies helpful e.g. Colimed drops, Weleda Colic Powder, Aloe Vera Juice, Slippery Elm Powder etc.

  • Long drives in the car, or walks in push chair?

  • The “Colic hold”?

  • Swaddlling baby to settle or sleep?

  • A change of scenery, swimming trip etc?

  • Some time out for yourself?

  • My idea relates to an unsettled baby without gastric reflux. Our third baby wouldn’t settle easily at night so at the plunket nurse’s suggestion I would massage her each night after the others were in bed when we could both be relaxed. It didn’t work straight away but after a few nights she started to get the hang of it and by the time a week was up she would show great pleasure at our quiet time of the day together… a massage, a feed and off she’d go at 8pm instead of 10 or 11.

  • A front pack or baby sling (for some jobs I found a sling better, for others a front pack, so we had both, but front packs that let baby face outwards always seem to be the best). We also tried a mobile baby hammock, but these are expensive and we didn’t have much success really, although I’ve heard that other parents do.

  • A bit of ‘white noise’ in the room can also help. Our bub likes it when the dehumidifier is going outside his door!

  • The hairdryer going in the background/tape recording of the hairdryer going?

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We would love you to add your ideas, but please make sure they are very safe e.g. no front sleeping, nothing that could cause suffocation if you are distracted etc.

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