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  • Anyone want to help? I know you all have plenty to say. ;-)

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    And just in case you missed the post and the opportunity to help others through.........In five words, no more no less, share some inspirational advice to parents that are struggling with a newborn suffering from colic, reflux and inconsolable crying. If there are enough submissions I will post these on my website and perhaps in my book - Prevent and Remedy Colic, Reflux, Lactose and Dairy Overload Naturally - which is off to the proof readers this week!!

  • A new story: Thank you, Christina.

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    I don’t really know where to begin with my story of Ryan and his reflux, and me with Post Natal Depression. I used to feel very sad thinking of all the precious time that was robbed from us. I loved Ryan from the moment I saw him, and he was a dream baby up until two weeks of age. ...

  • Hi my 7 week old, breastfed baby started showing signs of reflux recently so I went to the GP and was prescribed Gaviscon sachets. I'm having trouble giving it to her, but it seems to be working. She usually goes poos after every feed but since starting the Gaviscon (monday) she has only been once. She strains and cries. Not sure what i safe to give her to help as she is so young? Thanks

  • Hi there My 8 week old boy is formula fed and is now trialing gaviscon for his silent reflux, already I feel like it is making a difference but I am worried about the possible constipation the gaviscon may do you parents relieve constipation in young babies? I know about the cooled boiled water but are there any other remedies that are worth knowing about? Or tricks that can maybe help avoid constipation?

  • Hi, would you say it's a reflux symptom to bring up small vomits between feeds? Like an hour or so after eating? I keep being told that's normal, but it doesn't feel normal? My baby is only 4 weeks old though, so it's hard to me to tell what's normal and what isn't.

  • Hi, my 10 week old is trialling gaviscon to see if it helps with her (potential) reflux. She isnt a miserable baby, but she does scream if I put her down in the daytime, she has a persistent cough, a husky voice (this developed over the last week), and she spills even hours after a feed. Does this sound like reflux? If so, how do I get her to keep the gaviscon down? It says to give it to her after a feed, but she vomits straight after a feed...also is it worth going dairy free to see if this helps? Finding the spilling and coughing and husky voice quite upsetting, it must be horrible for her :(

  • Here is an amazing article about using probiotics and digestive enzymes to help with reflux. I only found this after I had my second reflux baby and he was 4 months old. Our first son had an endoscopy when he was 12months, which revealed extremely low digestive enzymes in his stomach. So when losec and ranitidine didn't provide much relief for our new baby, we presumed he was the same. We put him onto probiotics and enzymes and have had great results. Worth a read if you are interested. Feel free to message me for any more info (iv been researching it ever since!)

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    What I found to help! I am not claiming to cure or diagnose anything!

  • Good on you team for creating an awareness week and getting all of the publicity. So proud of those who have shared their stories. They have all had me in tears, partly because it triggers memories and partly because reading about those who have been without medical support just makes me so sad. Plunket nurses should be required to read about the symptoms of reflux and some real life stories as part of training. So should midwives actually.

  • Roslyn Ballantyne (National Coordinator, Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ) and Judy Arnold - Infant and child Consultant.

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  • Thank you Amanda for sharing your story and for your kind words about GRSNNZ. Big hugs for all you have gone through.

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    We told our doctor we couldn't be parents anymore and begged for help. We had reached breaking point.

  • I have just added the RSS Feed back to the home page of (this has been missing for some time). You will find it down the bottom of the page, but it only subscribes to the stories and articles, now the pages. I have also added a Recently Updated widget to the bottom of the right-hand column, so if you visit the website you will be able to see what has been updated. It might be a very minor update, however, or it could be a new page or a major change. :-)

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    For infant and child gastric reflux support in New Zealand: Phone/Text 022 585 5935 Phone 0800 380 517 Contact GRSNNZ via email form GRSNNZ has brochures available which explain what Gastric Reflux is, a few simple tricks, the support GRSNNZ offers and our contact details. If you are Health...

  • Having had a baby who had silent reflux until she was nearly two , my heart goes out to anyone currently going through it. Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ can help.

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    If your baby frequently brings up his milk after he’s swallowed it then he might have reflux (gastro-oesophageal reflux). It’s not usually a serious health issue but it can be extremely uncomfortable and therefore upsetting for baby (which then leaves everyone miserable). It usually occurs because t…

  • Thank you Little Treasures magazine.

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    If your baby frequently brings up his milk after he’s swallowed it then he might have reflux (gastro-oesophageal reflux). It’s not usually a serious health issue but it can be extremely uncomfortable and therefore upsetting for baby (which then leaves everyone miserable). It usually occurs because t…

  • At what age does reflux usually start to show up? I have a two week old baby who has gone from being happy feeding and not very spilly to suddenly screaming in pain with mucus and vomiting with feeds. My midwife suggested I try diary free. Has anyone else had a diary allergy in their baby show up like this?