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This bulletin is the only place where Amelia is completely ‘normal’ and not the difficult one.” everybody reflux forum

“Isn’t it a good feeling knowing you are not the only one.everybody reflux forum

“…and the best, most accurate information, has come from Roz and the website.everybody reflux forum

I don’t know what I would have done without this site and cryingoverspiltmilk
It is so great to go to the doctor armed with knowledge too!
Thanks to all those who make both these sites such a success!
“… everybody reflux forum

“Without this site I would be in the same situation as before except worse as he’d be 4 months old and they’d still probably tell me he had ‘colic’ or was an unsettled baby! Things are definitely better even though we keep deteriorating after a few days on the stronger Zantac dose. But without this site I’d never have even had that prescribed!
I’m so grateful to everyone for their advice and for all the work Roz and the other managers put in to it and just for starting something like this to begin with. You deserve a medal!
Thanks so much.
everybody reflux forum

How different my life would have been without this site! If not for this site I would have endured many more months without realising there was something really wrong with William. Roz and her team do a fantastic job at providing us the correct up to date information along with overwhelming support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.everybody reflux forum

Once again thanks for all your advice and help. I look forward to staying on the board for reflux babies and talking to you all and comparing notes. Hopefully soon I will be able to help others going through what I went through. I have certainly discovered that having a good support group around is important and with no close family in Auckland with us has certainly been hard for me but Plunket and this board has been wonderful!everybody reflux forum

“Hi again to all, and a great big thank you to all of you that have sent their support and advice. It’s really hard to accept that it is a real problem, this delightful reflux thing, when others, who actually have no idea, try giving you all their advice, like getting the child into a routine etc etc etc. Like to see them try ah?!! Sometimes you doubt your own ability as a mother and parent when people give their so-called helpful advice. Goodness, I sound a bit bitter don’t I? Anyway, it’s really nice to know that their are people out there that understand and have all been through it – or still are. To me, you’re all angels!!”
everybody reflux forum

“At times I have felt like I have been the only one with problems ( I have only just discovered this site!!!! Man I needed it when James was a baby!!!) This site is wonderful. It just makes you realize that there are others out there a lot worse off than you, and the support and kind words from people who have been there done that just makes you happy to think “YES somebody understands” because people that don’t have a refluxer don’t understand the extent of it.” everybody reflux forum

By the way…this board has given me many more answers (real not text book) than any Dr, so a big thanks to all of you. Best Wishes to you and your babes.everybody reflux forum

… “so I wanted to thank everyone for the help and advice I have received off this board this year. Who only knows what would have happened had I not found you all…Merry Christmas…Ditto!!! Happy Christmas to everyone, I also don’t know what would have become of us without this board!…Ditto times two!!! Merry Xmas everyone and thanks to all for being there for me and everyone else on the board. Here’s hoping that a new year will bring us all some joy…Wishing all you amazing people (who have saved my sanity!) a very happy Christmas, and hope 2006 sees improvement for all our precious wee bundles and their reflux!…Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for the wonderful support and advice this year. Where would we be without each other!… DITTO! Thanks for everything! hope you all have a fantastic Christmas too xoxo Luv…Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all your help and support in this, the most difficult year of my life so far. I have found more information, help and advice on this board than I have been given by any health professional, and have found more support and understanding here than I have from some so-called “loved ones”. Wishing you all a happy and relaxed Christmas with a break from all the crying, laundry and cleaning up. And wishing all your babies hours and hours of blissful sleep.” everybody reflux forum

“from this site. it’s amazing and has some awesome tips and facts that some in the health profession don’t even know about. …the ladies here are an awesome support”... everybody reflux forum

“I think your website is FANTASTIC, and has been an absolute life-saver for my husband and I, realising that we are not going mad (as I’m sure our GP and Plunket thinks!). Keep up the good work! Kind regards,” Rebecca. Via Email.

“By the way you have a great website which I found really useful when my son was born 3yrs ago and again when my daughter was born 6 months ago. Actually I still do.” Tania. Via Email.

“Don’t know if you have been referred to the website but it has some awesome information on little things that you can do to help. … I was looking through the website, spilt milk, and it is full of info, really helpful.”everybody reflux forum

“I’d just like to thank Jennifer for the advice she gave me when I phoned last week, you’re a star.” everybody reflux forum

...”Your organisation helped us a lot to diagnose and deal with our son who had reflux. He is now 18 months old and we think he has finally outgrown it… Keep up the good work”.
Regards, Mel and Mark. Via Email May 2006.

Thank you so much. Finding this site has been a life saver for me and my 6 month old son. We’ve been struggling on and then while searching the internet with his symptoms I find your site and it all clicks into place. So I went fully armed and ready for battle with my doctor who finally listened and actually accessed your site during the consultation when prescribing Zantac, to confirm the dosing. So you really are complete angels, I can’t thank you enough. We are having some success with the meds, I’m just so glad my son is in less pain.

Looking at the site there was a tip to refrigerate the Zantac, I’m doing a combi of that and the choc pud idea from you, seems to make a difference, thought you might like to add that to your hints and tips bit.

So you might be the other side of the world (we are in the UK), but it feels like I’ve got support close at hand.

Thank you again.
Gwen. Via Email May 2007

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