Infant Gastric Reflux Stories Summary

Bodhi’s Story

Feeding, screaming, poor sleep

Emily’s Story

Screaming, difficulty breastfeeding, Losec, Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy, parents battling to cope

Gem’s Story

Apnoeas, resuscitation, gluten, dairy and soy allergies, Nissen Fundoplication aged six years.

Hannah’s Story

Shallow palate, gluten and dairy allergies

Jessica’s Story

Miserable, crying baby, pretty much outgrew gastric reflux

Kailey’s Story

Breastfeeding challenges, small baby, support, outgrew gastric reflux.

Leo’s Story

Nasogastric feeds, failure to thrive, complications

Liam’s Story

Gaviscon helped

Mason’s Story

Restless, spilling, dairy free diet for breastfeeding mother

Olivia’s Story

Screaming to smiling gigging baby


A verse written by one of our members with help from our reflux discussion forum users at about Reflux.

Sabriah’s Story

Breastfeeding problems, ongoing gastric reflux, younger sibling without reflux

Steven’s Story

Post natal depression, constipation, Babywise

Jayden’s Surgery Story

Convulsion, apnoeas, CPR, nasogastric tube, Mickey gastrostomy button, three Nissen Fundoplications

Laura’s Surgery Story

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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